Landholders, identifying the unique possibilities of your land

We’ve been working with Land Owners and Farmers for more than 25 years

Here at Landcore, we regularly work with land owners and farmers to realise the potential of their investment. Our team leans on more than 5 decades of experience to provide expert support and guidance, helping landowners transform their land into unique and profitable subdivision projects.

Are you a Landholder ready to explore the opportunities for your land?

 Landcore shares your vision.

We can work with you to identify the unique possibilities of your land, and as a joint venture partnership, produce profitable development projects of any size and purpose.

Don’t just sell to anyone.

Partner with our trusted team who share your values. Our structure ensures you maximise your share of the profits from your land.

With our flexible development models, you retain the title and use of your land while receiving progress payments, and we manage the development process from planning, financing, and construction through to marketing and sales.

Who are we?

Sal Scrivano and Alex Carey share 50 years of experience across development management, consultative engineering, project and financial management, and have a proven track record of successful project delivery.

We collaborate with Australia’s most recognised property experts and have earnt a reputation as a trusted, grounded and highly competent land development partner. Further, we’re committed to creating places people feel they belong, with considered new estates that add value to the existing community.

Who does this work for?

All land owners intrigued by the possibility of their land holding.

We work with you to uncover your land’s financial and development potential, while respecting the natural environment and your legacy.

Are you ready to explore the potential of your land?

Contact Sal Scrivano on 0413 497 496 or for an informal conversation.

Our flexible approach ensures our ability to identify the unique potential of greenfield and infield land, of all sizes and locations.