Grace construction 12 months ahead of schedule

Early sales and construction success see $12m cost saving

Landcore is thrilled to announce that construction progress at Grace Tarneit is now 12 months ahead of the forecasted program. This is fantastic news for future homeowners who are eagerly awaiting the completion of their dream homes, as well as for the project’s investors.

For future homeowners, this milestone signifies that your property value will likely appreciate at an accelerated rate as the development is delivered sooner than anticipated. With the growing demand for affordable and convenient living in the west, Grace is poised to attract a significant amount of interest from prospective buyers and tenants, further bolstering your investment potential.

The final stage of construction at Grace is now expected to commence in late-2018, a significant achievement. Bolstering the triumph of this milestone is the success of the Grace sales campaign which realised forecasted targets in just 7 months, almost 1.5 years earlier than anticipated.

Landcore’s ability to redesign and enhance the estate has attracted record interest, ultimately leading to success in meeting sales targets early and subsequently achieving construction milestones quickly. This redesign has also reduced overall costs, maximising revenue by just under $12m.

It was the long-term vision of Landcore to create a new neighbourhood that added value to the existing community. With Grace leading the growth of this flourishing suburb, this vision has been realised. Through the delivery of community-minded initiatives, such as gifts of soil from buyers’ land lots, and the Private Concierge Service for the estate, Grace has forged connection and engagement with future residents who look forward to living in a new estate they feel they belong.

The team at Landcore eagerly anticipate welcoming new residents to their new Grace Tarneit neighbourhood very soon.